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Spanking & Impact Play Is Good For You. Here's why...

Ever thought about being spanked for kick's before? You wouldn't be alone. Spanking and impact play are some of the most common request's for me as a Dominatrix. But did you know that spanking can be good for you? Of course it can...

Spanking or any form of impact play can be a fantastic tool for reaching alternate states of consciousness. It can have the same affect as meditation, as using a mantra or a shaman's drum or for the raver's out there who understand the ecstatic effects of repetitive beats: it can have the same effect as house, techno or trance music. Why is that you ask?

Because repetition increases alpha waves and alpha waves increase feelings of well being and calmness and can even increase creativity. Alpha waves can also increase our brains ability to absorb new information. Now that could be really useful if you wanted to unlearn a habit and learn a new one. Perhaps release negative thoughts about yourself and increase your self esteem, or release guilt about something and start afresh. Or let go of negative thinking These are all FANTASTIC ideas for shadow healing's which I LOVE to give. But that isn't all!

Spanking and impact play release a tonne of dopamine and endorphins into your system which also increase feelings of well being. And let's not forget the fun side. Some people just find it hot.

I love impact play of all kinds. I love to administer both soft, and more extreme. As a Dominatrix, spanking and impact play is cathartic and fun to give as well.

Spanking and impact play combined with soft textures and tie and tease can be incredibly powerful too, having the same effect of bringing you into an altered state. If blindfolded, combining impact play with sensation play could mean you'd never know what is coming next. You'd be held in a state of anticipation, which can be equally as fun.

Curious about spanking and impact play? Apply for a session with me here . I cater for all types of impact play. CP, OTKS, flogging, caning, paddling, whipping and more.

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