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The Rituals: Dark Tantra Rituals & Shadow Healing Rituals Designed By Me. 

Explore the power of Dark Tantra and shadow healing with my own unique brand of signature Dark Tantra Shadow Healing Rituals. Combining my skills from over a decade of study in Tantra, Shadow Healing and Paganism.  these Shadow Healing Rituals are designed to cleanse your spirit and rejuvenate you as my submissive.  The ritualistic elements of these session's are fantastic for "drawing a line in the sand" both physically and energetically. Allowing you to mark the moment where you shed the past and the negative patterns associated with it and called in new, positive ways of being. The descriptions below are a basic outline. All rituals will be tailored specifically to suit your individual needs to make them more powerful and utterly unique for you.   Apply for Ritual  here.

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The Karma Clearing Ordeal:

We are all naughty from time to time.  Sometimes we do things we know were bad.  Perhaps some past behaviour of yours is playing on your mind.  Use the power of Dark Tantra to alleviate feelings of guilt and/or shame and move forward in your life. When you arrive you will be ritualistically stripped. This is a physical expression of " being spiritually unmasked" in front of your Goddess. You then have a chance to offer something of yourself. Foot worship, perhaps you brought a gift of some kind. Flower's, chocolate, clothing or something else. You will then have a chance to confess the things on your mind. Tell me what it is you have done and understand this is a completely confidential environment.  I will then punish you accordingly. Any boundaries and hard limits will be fully respected and discussed in your application. But it will be an Ordeal.  The idea being for you to really experience punishment to alleviate the feelings of shame and guilt you have been carrying.  We complete your ordeal with you offering something of yourself as a way of thanking Goddess for forgiveness. 

Karma Clearing Ordeal Ritual:

90 minutes: £240

2 hours: £320

Goddess Foot  Worship Ritual:

This is your chance to honour the Goddess through a thirty minute foot worship Puja.  We begin with optional Tantric eye gazing and breathwork. Then you may bathe my feet in rose petal filled water. Follow this with a massage with floral scented oils. Gifts are welcome. This option is currently only available in Glastonbury for 30 minutes. 

Thirty minute foot worship ritual in Glastonbury: £70

One hour foot worship ritual in either Bristol or Glastonbury: £160

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