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Tie And Tease Massage.

Tie and Tease massage combines milder elements of BDSM, with the soft, sensual elements of Tantra massage. If you're a submissive newbie, Tie and Tease massage can be a great way to slowly begin your submissive explorations. I am a Tie and Tease massage specialist. It is one of my favourite sessions. The relaxed, yet erotic energy of this type of session really allows me to embody the calm, sensuous Domina that I am.  Imagine being tied down to a couch, blindfolded or gagged and having a wide range of sensations inflicted upon you. The sharp flick of a whip, the slap of a firm hand, the soft caress of a feather, perhaps a little edging, CBT or rosebud massage thrown in for good measure. Lots of hot, coconut oil to keep you lubricated. You wouldn't know what was coming.  The soft sensations of Tantra and the sharper sensations of BDSM combine very well together to create a sensory delight.  

Tie and Tease can also be described as a sensual surrender. It is a softer experience allowing you to relax into your submission. As a trained massage therapist, you'll walk out the dungeon feeling amazing.


I offer Tie and Tease massage from a Glastonbury location as well as Bristol and Bridgwater.


One Hour Tie And Tease Massage: £160

Two Hour Tie And Tease Massage: £320

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