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About Me:

I'm Lady Victorious. I'm a sensuous, playful and experienced Dominatrix like no other. I specialise in combining the soft, sensual textures and deep, altered spaces of Neo Tantra with the sharper sensations and edges of BDSM. I love to create erotically charged scenes and the sensuality, presence, breath work and connection that Neo Tantric practice bring to BDSM intensify the whole experience. Helping you to reach deep, altered and if desired ecstatic states.  I am a Sexual Freedom Award Winner, Certified Sexologist and Pagan Priestess. I am blonde, tattooed and am blessed with soft and curvaceous, womanly curves. I absolutely love foot worship and always have beautiful, freshly pedicured feet.  From these skills I am able to offer sacred kink sessions for discerning submissive. I am experienced in creating healing, and transformational ceremonies with the the tools of Tantra and BDSM. Power play is fun and deep. It's refreshing. But it can be so much more than that. It can help you to release unexpressed emotions, over come fears and it can help you grow and cultivate new skills of strength, stamina and more. Please contact me for more information on these special ceremonial sessions. 



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My style of domination:  As a sensual sadist. I like to incorporate as much sensation as possible to drive you wild. I can cater for submissives seeking cruel and sadistic scenes. I also cater for those seeking a softer tie and tease. I love erotic domination and foot fetish. Regardless of what happens in our scene, your safety is my priority. We will have a discussion about your hard limits., any health issues and more prior to meeting.   I am a CFNM Domme. I offer foot, shoe and boot worship for well behaved submissives.  Other than that, you are never permitted to touch me and you will refer to me as Mistress.

Want to meet me? Book your fifteen minute chat

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