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Sacred Kink & The Ordeal Path.

BDSM is a wide and diverse thing. There are so many ways to dominate and to submit. It can be fun, sexy, a release and escape from daily routine. But BDSM has deeper, much more powerful routes into our psyche.

Sacred Kink: as a teacher of sacred sexuality for over a decade I can confirm that combining Sacred Sexuality practices and Pagan practices can make your BDSM scenes so much more powerful and so much deeper. What is Sacred Kink? What is the Ordeal Path?

Sacred Kink is combining the above with Kink to create some kind of transformation in your life. The Ordeal Path? The Ordeal Path is using the tools of BDSM to create some kind of change in your life. Working with the Ordeal Path will mean using a difficult or painful path to create transformation. Hence the term: ordeal!

Sacred Kink doesn't necessarily mean painful or difficult. It does mean that you'd be more aware of the altered states you enter when using the tools of BDSM. Rope work for instance, can be incredibly meditative for both Domme and Sub. It can give you a chance to surrender and relax. It's not like you can run away! And focusing on the sensation of being tied can be incredibly hypnotic. A long rope session can mean you floating out the dungeon.

How can Sacred Kink and the Ordeal Path create transformation in your life? Let's say you fear the opposite sex from some horrible experiences. This fear manifests in your life as not being able to date or speak to women, misogyny or hatred. Imagine meeting a Mistress that you can trust to take you into a space where you are respected, held, cared for yet submitting to in some way. Perhaps you are bound and lightly flogged. Or blind folded and bound and used for sensation play. Using the combination of the tools of BDSM, the altered states created through Tantric practice and the integrity of an experienced practitioner you can begin to over come your fears from the past and sink into finding the power of a woman an ecstatic experience. The tools of BDSM are used to re-create the fears of feminine power that you might have, the aspects of sacred sexuality take you into an altered space and help to deepen your connection to your Domme and deepen the whole learning of the experience. They also bring levels of presence and respect into the scene. The experience for you as a the scared submissive is enveloped in love. Yet the submission is there. This softens those old edges of fear that have been holding you back for so many years. Of course going into this place takes real courage and the right practitioner. Whether you want to be a submissive or not, letting go of that fear and moving to a space of ecstasy is moving to a place of power.

What I've describe is a very deep experience and is only one of the many ways that Sacred Kink and the Ordeal Path can be used to transform your life. Some of the other ways Sacred Kink and the Ordeal Path can help you are:

Releasing stored emotions: did you know that unexpressed emotions can block your flow of pleasure? Not just sexually but in many areas of your life. It can lead you to feel empty, emasculated (I know some of you like that, but if you don't.. ) or unenthusiastic to life. Using the tools of BDSM can help you release tears, sadness, anger or more clearing the way for energy and enthusiasm. (Please note: I'm not speaking of clinical depression or mental health disorders here. Always consult your doctor if things are really bad. )

Scrying, Oracling or journeying: the tools of Sacred Kink and the Ordeal Path can be used to move you into an altered state so you can find answers to questions you have in life. This is an ancient practice used by many cultures across the world.

Initiations, ceremonies, dedications and offerings to Deities or humans: You can use the tools of Sacred Kink and the Ordeal Path to mark important parts of your life, to make offerings to your Domme or Deity, or to dedicate yourself to a specific path.

Manifestation: The tools of Sacred Kink and the Ordeal Path path can also be used to manifest an ideal goal in the future.

Curious about Sacred Kink and the Ordeal Path? You can book a fifteen minute skype call with me.

Want to learn more? There are lots of great books on the subject: Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths Of BDSM And Beyond. and this one: Raven Kaldera: Dark Moon Rising: Pagan BDSM And The Ordeal Path.

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