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Sensual Domination: Exquisite Sensual Torture Or Delight?

I am an highly skilled in art of sensual domination. My background in Tantra and somatic sexology give me a solid foundation on administering it effectively and powerfully. It is my speciality and my absolute favourite way to tease and torture my submissive's. Sensual domination, when done correctly is an incredibly powerful way to move a submissive into an altered state. Combine it with sensory deprivation and you can be moved onto another planet all together. When you engage the nervous system in such a way, giving it a multitude of sensations to feel. Your mind has no option but to become still and silent. The endorphins released through such sensory delight will stay with you for days at a time. Sensual domination can be soft, sensual and erotic. It can also be a sharper and more painful experience.

What would a typical sensual domination scene be like? Imagine being blindfolded and tied on your knees. There is nothing but darkness. You feel vulnerable. Unable to move and at the mercy of your Mistress. Out of emptiness, you feel the light trace of a fingernail nail down your naked body. The suddenness of this light sensation makes you shudder. Then there is nothing again. Next comes the slap of a firm hand. Then the caress of a feather. Followed by the track of a pinwheel and the sharp cut of a whip. You might feel the warmth of my breath on your skin or smell the fresh scent of my perfume. You're unable to move and have no option but to sit and anticipate what sensation you might experience next. Perhaps it'll be sharp. Perhaps it'll be pleasurable.

Effective sensual domination will include all of your senses. There may be erotic touch, trampling, CBT, role play or massage included. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to get to worship your mistress's feet or boots to show appreciation. Personally I love to mix the sharper sensations with the soft. I like to mix it with bondage and sensory deprivation so you feel vulnerable and easily slip into submission. I like to see you shudder and gasp with surprise. I like to keep you guessing. On the edge in anticipation. Not knowing what will come next.

Sensual domination is good for you. It gives you a break from overthinking and stress. It brings you into your body and out of your mind. It releases the good hormones. It helps you to feel even more alive.

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